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The IRS now has more agents and resources to collected past due and over due taxes than they ever have had in their existence. But many people fail to realize that the IRS is extremely negotiable and they have many different ways in which they will work with you. The key factor is knowing what the IRS is willing or not willing to do. We are pleased to offer Bison, South Dakota residents a FREE phone consultation in regards to your outstanding debt or taxes to the IRS. In most cases our service will greatly benefit people in Bison, South Dakota who owe more than $10,000 to the IRS. We pride ourselves being one of the best alternatives to calling a Bison, South Dakota tax attorney or lawyer.

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Bison, South Dakota tax lawyers can be of major benefit if you are facing Federal criminal charges related to a tax debt. When you call we will help figure out what the best course of action is to protect you from the IRS. In many cases we will not need to use a Bison, South Dakota tax debt attorney because your case is not a criminal charge. We understand that when the IRS comes after someone, they can be frightened and think that a tax specialist attorney near 57620 would be the appropriate call. We are happy to be a free service to help you identify what your actual problem with the IRS is and then recommend a plan to quickly resolve the problems. Our goal is to help the people in Bison, South Dakota get the best representation when negotiating or structuring an installment agreement, fighting to release a bank levy, tax lien or any other IRS tax debt problem with the IRS.

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